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Woman and Dog on Hike

By having foster homes for animals for short periods of time, foster families provide more room at the Center and allow us to take in more animals. Ultimately, our foster families enable us to save more lives and help more animals in need. 


SNIP provides everything a foster home may need: kennels, fencing, food, toys, medical supplies, beds, leashes, collars, and pee pads.  


Fosters provide love, basic training, family atmosphere, socialization etc.  


Below is the how we determine who goes to foster and who we help:

  • Pets of Domestic Violence so that victims can seek safe haven and know their pet is safe.

  • Pets of families with emergency situations such as hospital stays, evacuations, rehab hospital's, etc.

  • Kittens and puppies that are too young for adoption,

  • Cats and dogs recovering from surgery, illness, or injury that need a place to heal,

  • Newly rescued or other animals that are not thriving in the shelter environment,

  • Cats and dogs with special needs (both behavioral and/or medical),

  • Senior cats and dogs looking for a home to spend their retirement, dog nursing litters that need a quiet home to thrive.

We market through social media platforms, community events,  SNIP website,  word of mouth, and flyers.

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